"Dream Big"

Signature speech and seminar

By: Armando Hart

Armando Hart is a 1st generation success story that all students can relate to.  Armando's big dream was born as he watched Carl Lewis run in the Olympic games in Los Angeles in 1984.  Armando never shared his dream with others because of fear of judgment that it was too big of a dream and unreachable.  Armando struggled to express himself because of his late adaptation of the English language, therefore he was labeled as timid. He spent most of his time in his mind and imagined athletic attributes in which he made them reality to be able to connect with others.

Armando went on to win the 100 meter CIF championship in Southern California, broke school records at CSULB, and became Mexico's fastest Man. Eventually he came within weeks of his dream coming true at the 1996 Olympic Games until the day he experienced a traumatic leg injury that kept him sidelined from competing.  After years of falling into the pitfall of depression, Armando eventually rose up and became aware of himself in such a deep way that he developed his own and unique training philosophy and wrote a book called "The Hart Method." He's passionate about sharing his gift with the youth to inspire them to dream big and empower them with the tools to navigate through life's unexpected challenges with power and ease.  

As Creator of The Hart Method: 8 Maxims Of Movement, Armando Hart mentors, motivates, and mobilizes thousands of teens to live in integrity and in authenticity with themselves, their bodies, and the world around them from the inside-out.

Using the same eight principles he’s used to coach Olympic athletes, major league baseball players, and every day individuals who are ready to harness their own innate power, Armando inspires, empowers, and engages audiences with his powerful presence, dynamic personality, and action-oriented speaking style.

Armando's "Dream Big" speech leaves children feeling a deeper sense of aliveness and purpose as they become inspired to make improvements in all areas of their life. 

Armando’s signature presentation "Dream Big" can be delivered as a 30-45  minute quick power talk, 1 hour keynote, and is also available as a half day, full day, or at various assemblies. Armando's presentation also includes the option for book signings.

The "Dream Big" speech can also be delivered as a training seminar for sports teams and athletes to maximize output while incorporating a higher degree of inner harmony and outer connection. 

All of Armando's programs are intended to inspire students to perform at peak level in all aspects of life while incorporating a higher degree of responsibility for overall personal development. 

And by the way,  he did get a taste of Olympic Gold when he was part of Misty May Treanor's training team as she went on to win Gold in London 2012 with Armando's training techniques and guidance.