Q: What are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)? 

PWAs are an all new user experience built into the most modern websites for the mobile focused future. Where responsive websites came before, PWAs provide fast, reliable and engaging experiences blurring the line between native apps and the web.

Q: What are the benefits of PWAs?

There are any benefits to Progressive Web Apps. First, they maximize the reach of your app. The PWA specific improvements work on almost every browser with commitments from all browsers to include support. Second, PWAs are fully indexable meaning they can be found via web search engines improving your apps discoverability. Additionally, they have other benefits including increased performance with poor data connections, immediate software updates, and take up less space on your users devices.

Q: What's the difference between a HTML5 app and a PWA?

In order for an HTML5 app to be considered a Progressive Web App, it needs to meet certain requirements. The PWA upgrade to our HTML5 software brings all of these features we have mentioned; push notifications, improved speeds, homescreen install support, offline caching, performance improvements and more. 

Q: Do you need internet access to use a PWA? 

Progressive Web Apps will work in areas of low connectivity and certain characteristics will be cached for accessibility offline. However, similar to our native applications, internet is necessary for dynamic content.

Q: Why would a client want a PWA instead of an iOS app?

While they diverge from the traditional app store, PWAs are actually more user friendly, easier to launch and adopt. Progressive Mobile Apps give you the same experience as iOS and Android mobile apps without the added friction, download, headache and costs. 

One of the biggest benefits is increased discoverability. While apps can be easily lost in hustle and bustle of the iTunes app store, PWA apps can be found can be found via web search engines. 

Additionally, PWAs are linkable/shareable, have low data requirements, improve SEO and do not require updates. 

Q: Are Progressive Web Apps a step forward from native mobile apps?

Progressive Mobile Apps are a step forward from the native mobile app, as they have all the benefits of a downloadable app, but without the friction that comes with it. PWAs can be built faster, at a lower cost, and the price in which you sell them will be determined on the value you are able to drive for a business (rather than the cost it takes to create them). For example, by using PWAs to increase customer loyalty, engagement, bring in new customers via easy discoverability and make sales through the app, the end price should be the same as the value is the same. The only difference is PWAs do not appear in the app store, so you could arguably say that these drive a higher return on investment because the reduced friction allows for a wider audience of people to adopt them.

Q: Where can I learn more about Progressive Web Apps?

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